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Is Brazil breathing again?

While inaugurating a new administration under Lula da Silva, the country attempts to examine its racialized violence and COVID policies over the last years.
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The Cuban Dilemma: Antiracism and international solidarity lost in translation

This article undertakes what Aziz Rana calls a “tailored analysis” of the Cuban case, paying attention to local histories and international entanglements in order to better engage in solidarity across borders.
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You Have Not Been Defeated: The Politics of Abolition

Omnia Khalil is joined by Laila Soueif, Ruth Wilson-Gilmore, and Hend Nafea to discuss Alaa el-Fattah's book "You Have Not Been Defeated."
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OilCraft and Racism's Raw Materials: Interview with Robert Vitalis

Omar Dahi interviewed Bob Vitalis about his latest book "OilCraft: The Myths of Scarcity and Security that Haunt US Foreign Policy", as well as his involvement with Security in Context multipolarity working group through his ongoing research titled "Racism's Raw Materials."

Bringing Context to 'Security': the Launch of a New Project

Dominant security narratives in the West tend to obfuscate how security and insecurity are experienced and produced around the world. Centering global perspectives, often marginalized, is essential to understanding the different contexts, scales and registers of global security realities.