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How War Survivors Experience Time

War deeply impacts the experience of time for survivors. For society to prosper, the violent past, present, and future cannot be avoided. Hence, peacebuilders should stress the idea of “remember and change,” rather than forgive and forget.
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TRANSCRIPT: The Russian War in Ukraine: An Interview with Samar Al-Bulushi

Anita Fuentes and Omar Dahi interview professor Samar Al-Bulushi on the possible ramifications of the Russia-Ukraine conflict on the Global South, with a particular focus on the perspective from Africa.
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TRANSCRIPT: The Russian War in Ukraine: An Interview with Arlene B. Tickner

Anita Fuentes interviews professor Arlene B. Tickner about her perspectives on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, bringing her knowledge of Latin America into the conversation.
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CLIP: Jeffrey D. Sachs - Why the West Really Fears China

Clip from the video, "Multipolarity, US-China Relations, and the Political Economy of Global Insecurity - Jeffrey D. Sachs." In this segment, Sachs discusses GDP discrepancies between China and Western countries, underscoring how China and the West view economic growth and competition.