The Mission

We envision a world in which security is defined not by militarism and fear, but by human well-being, global solidarity, and a livable planet.

Security in Context’s team of international scholars is redefining commonly held conceptions of security. Our research, pedagogy, and public policy outputs are designed to empower policy makers, academic practitioners, and others seeking the right data to foster a more equitable and sustainable world.

Security in Context’s team of international scholars foregrounds the needs of societies and reconsiders the ostensible benefits of security in context— that is, security policies considered with fuller awareness of the hazards they generate, as well as the historical power hierarchies and unequal systems they perpetuate. 

The SiC project has three primary modes of intervention: research, pedagogy, public policy/public engagement. These modes flow from the overarching goal of the SiC research initiative, which is to challenge dominant paradigms, produce alternative knowledge on (in)security-related topics, and consolidate and expand networks of individuals and institutions.