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Using GIS mapping to reframe post-conflict aid distribution- Sri Lanka as a case study

In post-conflict Sri Lanka, aid has not been directed towards areas inhabited by politically and ethnically marginalized groups. As Nara Sritharan explains, the overlap of areas destroyed by the 2004 Tsunami and those most affected by civil conflict allows for an opportunity to study the uneven allocation of aid in more than one instance.
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Women as War Criminals- Dr. Izabela Steflja

Dr. Izabela Steflja discusses her co-authored book, Women as War Criminals.
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Women, Human Rights and Insecurity in Conflict and Post-Conflict Zones

Join the Oklahoma University Center for Peace and Development and Security in Context this Friday, February 5 (1-2 PM CST/ 2-3 PM US Eastern time) for a lecture with Dr. Izebela Steflja (Tulane University) on 'Women, Human Rights and Insecurity in Conflict and Post-Conflict Zones. The event will be moderated by Dr. Zermarie Deacon, Associate Professor of Human Relations, University of Oklahoma.

Dignity and Humiliation: Identity Formation among Syrian Refugees

An examination of “humiliation” and “dignity” as a dynamic that shapes Syrian refugees’ identities via interaction with pro-regime or pro-opposition Syrians or pro-refugees or anti-refugees in hosting countries.

Reconciling fighters, settling civilians: the making of post-conflict citizens

The emergent illiberal peace in Syria extends the conditions of war and violence into the post-conflict period, creating new citizenship regimes that bifurcate Syrian society into the reconciled and settled and the unsettled and cast out.