Nearly two years ago, we launched Security in Context (SiC) to rethink the practices and policies of 'security' from a transnational perspective. Since then, we in the SiC network are proud to have produced a steady outpouring of articles, interviews,  expert panels and audiovisual outputs, the latest of which is our podcast (shared below) on the Ukrainian conflict from a Global South perspective. 

Over the coming months, SiC will significantly expand its efforts within its three main tracks: research, public engagement, and pedagogy. Our public engagement track will  shortly announce the  soft launch of  Global Insecurity, SiC’s online blog and magazine. Intended as a space for discussion and debate, Global Insecurity  will present research-driven findings  from within and outside of SiC’s network of subject experts.  Stay tuned for more details on how to pitch article ideas and get involved with the forthcoming blog.

For now we are excited to share with you the first in a series of short videos to promote SiC’s work and research outputs. “What is Security in Context?” offers a two-minute overview of the SiC initiative, by explaining what we do and why: We envision a world in which security is defined not by militarism and fear, but by human well-being, global solidarity, and a livable planet. 

We hope you enjoy this SiC “trailer” and future SiC videos still to come. Designed for maximum accessibility,  SiC’s videos are primarily intended as teaching and learning tools for practitioners, scholars, and students interested in global studies and international affairs. We welcome anyone with an interest in positive policy outcomes and our shared global future to engage with our materials. 

As always, we welcome your feedback, especially in the weeks ahead, when , we will share another update on Global Insecurity and a number of new initiatives, events, and partnerships that will help us advance our mission.

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Jul 25, 2022
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News + Media

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