This is a roundup of news articles, reports, and other materials focusing on (in)security issues and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of Security in Context. The goal is to shed light on knowledge production on security-related issues of public interest from critical perspectives and from global south readings by highlighting media from four particular regions: Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, and developing Asia. Entries may include academic journal articles, think tank reports, non-governmental organizations releases, official documents or government-commissioned research, and regular news items. The material included covers SiC’s key security issues: Climate Change, Security and International Relations, Migration and Displacement, Covid-19 and Capitalism, Technologies of Surveillance, Gender, Race, Ethnicity and Sexuality, Arms and the Military-industrial Complex, and Censorship. 
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Latin America and the Caribbean

Submissions made by Nick Bythrow and Oshin Pandey

Milei’s reforms set to cross finish line in Argentina’s Congress

June 30, 2024

President Javier Milei is on the verge of achieving his most significant political triumph since taking office, with parliament expected to grant final approval to two initiatives aimed at reviving Argentina's crisis-prone economy.

Unemployment Rate Drops to 7.1% in Brazil, Hitting a 10-Year Low

June 28, 2024

According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, Brazil's jobless rate decreased from 8.3% a year ago to 7.1% in the quarter that ended in May, the lowest level since 2014.

Bolivia foils military coup attempt: All you need to know

June 27, 2024

President Luis Arce of Bolivia had Army General Juan Jose Zuniga arrested following an attempted military coup in the country. Arce’s Movement for Socialism (MAS) Party continues to maintain control of the country.

Honduras ex-president sentenced to 45 years for helping drug traffickers

June 26, 2024

After being found guilty on drug and weapon charges, Juan Orlando Hernandez, the former president of Honduras and a key US ally known for his tough-on-crime policies, was given a 45-year jail term.

Foreign Police Officers Land on the Ground in Haiti

June 25, 2024

Foreign law enforcement agents began arriving in Haiti more than a year and a half after the country's prime minister appealed to foreign countries for assistance in combating the pervasive gang violence that has upended the Caribbean nation.

‘Lives at play’: Argentina’s Senate passes Milei reforms as protests rage

June 13, 2024

As protestors clashed with one another in Argentina, the country’s Senate passed President Javier Milei’s economic reform provisions. This includes tax breaks for investors and other reforms in an effort to curb increasingly worsening inflation in the nation’s economy.

What has changed and what has stayed the same in Venezuela’s presidential election

June 11, 2024

Edmundo González Urrutia will face incumbent President Nicolás Maduro of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela, PSUV) after the opposition coalition Unitary Platform (Plataforma Unitaria, PU) struggled to register a candidate. There are some indications that this election will be more open and competitive, but analysts highlight some ongoing challenges to a level playing field.

Argentina tells Brazil it knows nothing about Brasília coup fugitives

June 10, 2024

Despite accusations from Brazil, the Argentinian government has denied hosting 60 missing fugitives tied to an attempted coup in the nation in 2023. It’s unclear if this is the case or not as of the date of this article, but authorities are investigating if any of the people involved can be found.

Claudia Sheinbaum makes history as Mexico's first woman president

June 3, 2024

Claudia Sheinbaum has won the presidential election in Mexico, making her the first female president of the country. The ballot count indicates she won with between 58-60% of the total vote.

World No Tobacco Day: Protecting Children From Tobacco Industry Interference

June 3, 2024

This article highlights the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA)’s stance on tobacco, explaining issues with it through a global health crisis lens while providing statistics regarding the risk young people are at when utilizing the drug.


Submissions made by Nick Bythrow

6.3 million people in need of humanitarian support and protection in Burkina Faso

June 29, 2024

Spokesperson for UN chief Stéphane Dujarric has said that, due to terror groups across the country alongside a lack of humanitarian access in certain areas, 6.3 million people in Burkina Faso are in need of aid from outside help and resources.

Kenya unrest: the deep economic roots that brought Gen-Z onto the streets

June 28, 2024

Economic hardship brought about by Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine have caused multiple Gen-Z protests in Kenya, with younger voters fed up with current leadership in the nation. One of the defining moments for these protests was a 2024 financial bill that sought to increase taxes on working Kenyan citizens.

Amid souring relations Somalia accuses Ethiopian troops of unlawful crossings, urges respect for UN Charter

June 25, 2024

Somalia’s Permanent Resident to the United Nations, Ambassador Abukar Dahir Osman, has accused Ethiopian troops of unlawfully crossing into Somalia. These followed reports of Ethiopian soldiers entering the Hiraan region on June 21st, despite an agreement for the nation to pull all its troops from Somalia by the end of December 2024.

Ayetoro: The Nigerian coastal town drowning under seawater

June 23, 2024

Ayetoro, Nigeria is currently facing a crisis as the city is slowly being submerged by seawater. Thousands of people have left the area in recent years, with citizens who are still there getting little help from a struggling government.

Civil war in Sudan takes centre stage at UN

June 19, 2024

At the United Nations Security Council, Sudan accused the United Arab Emirates (UAE) of arming the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) during the ongoing war. The government intends to bring their accusations to the International Criminal Court, indicating they believe their findings to be substantial and true.

Niger lifts immunity of deposed President Mohamed Bazoum

June 14, 2024

Niger’s highest court has lifted immunity for former President Mohamed Bazoum to be tried following the coup in the country last year. This means he can now be tried for treason and sentenced by the country’s new military government.

Mental health services are scarce in Nigeria but there’s a huge need: what we learnt from callers to a hotline

June 12, 2024

Less than 10% of mentally ill persons in Nigeria are getting the help they require, with this article analyzing just how much assistance they need based on calls into a hotline. Most callers are men aged 18 to 27, with many being unmarried and unemployed. The study indicates a need to bolster support for such communities in mental health areas across the country.

Chilli bombs and honeybees: Weapons in Tanzania’s human-elephant conflict

June 11, 2024

Tools like honeybees and chilli bombs are being used to ward off elephants in Tanzania, wherein populations of the animals are starting to grow despite their original environments being shrunk due to food and water scarcity. While these are ways in which they can be kept at bay, they don’t address the larger issue of their population outgrowth as their original homes are taken.

Displaced by violent conflict: the world’s most neglected crises are in Africa – six essential reads

June 7, 2024

Crises and conflicts all across Africa are resulting in millions of displaced civilians, many of whom no longer have a safe home they can go back to. This article describes some of the reasons for this, from military takeovers and war, to general neglect amongst national infrastructures.

Morocco raises awareness of forest fire risk as summer approaches

June 2, 2024

Fires in Morocco’s Sakina forest could pose a danger to people trying to enjoy the summer, firefighters and park rangers warning that the danger must be seriously considered given how large the flames can get during this time of year.

Middle East

Submissions made by Tom Nicholson

Amputations soar but prostheses and painkillers lacking in besieged Gaza

June 27, 2024

Due to the restriction of medical aid in the war, there is no other option but to treat severe limb injuries with amputation in Gaza. It’s been estimated that a statistical average of 10 children are losing one or both of their legs every day in Gaza.

As households suffer 5-hour blackouts in major cities, PM claims power cuts to be phased out by end of July

June 25, 2024

Egypt has been forced to resort to regulated nationwide blackouts as the country continues to grapple with an energy/gas deficit. Some towns and cities have reported blackouts lasting longer than what was detailed by officials.

Cabinet cancels licences of 16 travel companies after death of over 600 Egyptian pilgrims

June 22, 2024

There have been over 600 deaths of pilgrims this Hajj season due to the improper and illegal practices of tourism companies. Without the proper registration to get into Mecca, pilgrims were forced to take a longer desert route around the city where they succumbed to the intense heat.

Lawyer says notorious Israeli detention camp is 'beyond imagination'

June 19, 2024

It has recently been disclosed that the Israeli Sde Teiman detention camp practices inhumane treatment of its prisoners. The reported abuses include lack of any bedding, systematic torture, and sexual abuse.

3 hospitalized as cops clash with anti-government protesters after march on PM’s home

June 17 2024

Another Israeli anti-government protest lead into a clash with police forces when demonstrators proceeded to march to the Prime Minister’s home and attempted to break in. The protest was another call for early elections as well as for a deal with Hamas to secure the safety of Israeli hostages held in Gaza.

Does ceasefire in Gaza mean Israeli escalation with Lebanon’s Hezbollah?

June 13, 2024

With the prospect of a true Gaza War ceasefire seemingly on the horizon, it appears likely that Israel will shift the focus of its military power to another ongoing conflict. In this article the current situation between Israel and Hezbollah is analyzed so that predictions might be made for the future political climate in the Middle East.

Hamas offers response to Gaza truce plan as fighting rages

June 11, 2024

Hamas has called for a complete halt to all Israeli aggression on Gaza in its response to the most recent Gaza truce proposal. A timeline of the ceasefire and the complete withdrawal of all Israeli troops from the area has been proposed by Hamas as additions to this new deal.

'Catastrophic' Israeli strikes in central Gaza leave 210 dead

June 8, 2024

Another Israel air strike has hit a hospital and some nearby houses, resulting in 200+ Palestinian deaths. The strike happened alongside Israel’s announcement of the release of four Israeli hostages from Palestinian territory.

Israelis, Palestinians to launch joint bid to bring humanitarian aid to post-war Gaza

June 5, 2024

A Palestinian organization and an Israeli institute are combining their efforts on a project to bring aid to Gaza after the war. The project will utilize innovative methods to tackle challenges such as restoring clean drinking water and rebuilding destroyed structures.

‘Gaza is witnessing the worst of the worst levels of malnutrition’

June 2, 2024

The ongoing aggressive obstruction of aid into Gaza is causing dangerous levels of malnutrition. Without the tools to fight against famine, humanitarian organizations predict the situation will only get worse.

Developing Asia

Submissions made by Prisca Afantchao

CDC to buy 5.5 million COVID-19 vaccines, to administer from October

June 27, 2024

The Taiwanese Center for Disease Control will be purchasing 5.5 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines to be administered starting in October 2024. According to the Taiwanese CDC spokesperson, Tseng Shu-hui, this roll-out is meant to target new COVID-19 variants.

India steps up training of foreign military personnel to boost ties

June 27, 2024

The Indian government is increasing military training of foreign militaries to strengthen military ties with foreign countries in the Gulf, ASEAN, and Africa. There is an emphasis on continued outreach to the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Qatar with as many as 76 Saudi military personnel being trained at the Southern Naval Command in Kochi. 

Government dragging feet on torture perpetrators: NHRC

June 27, 2024

Nepali human rights advocates are alarmed by the lack of government action to reprimand perpetrators of torture. Amnesty International Nepal and Advocacy Forum Nepal have also raised concerns about the rampant practice of torture in the country, despite Nepal's membership in the United Nations Convention Against Torture over three decades ago.

Japan enacts laws for new foreign worker scheme

June 14, 2024

Japan's parliament has enacted revised laws to replace a controversial foreign trainee program with a new system aimed at addressing labor shortages caused by the country's demographic crisis. The new system encourages workers from abroad to stay longer and helps inexperienced workers acquire skills for the specified skilled worker scheme over three years. The changes also allow the government to revoke permanent residence status for foreigners who fail to pay taxes or social insurance premiums.

Free govt houses bring self-dignity and for homeless people: PM

June 11, 2024

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh has praised the Ashrayan projects for providing free houses to the homeless and landless, promoting self-dignity and self-respect. She handed over 18,566 more houses as gifts before Eid, under the government's Ashrayan-2 Prakalpa housing programme, aiming to ensure housing for all.

Loas, Singapore, Cambodia Unite to Facilitate Cross-Border Electricity Trade

June 10, 2024

Singapore, Cambodia, and Laos have formed a working group to promote cross-border electricity trade, aligning with the ASEAN Power Grid vision. The group aims to create a framework, streamline regulatory processes, and facilitate commercial agreements.

Vietnam builds capacities to address climate change-induced health threats

June 8, 2024

The One Health project, launched by USAID and UNDP, aims to build local capacities in the Mekong Delta to detect, prevent, and respond to climate change-related infectious diseases. The initiative, part of Vietnam's 20-year One Health Partnership, will focus on enhancing environmental, animal, and human health responses.

Jokowi Wants to Set Up Makeshift Hospital in Gaza

June 6, 2024

Indonesia's Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto has announced that President Joko Widodo plans to send medical workers to Gaza and establish a makeshift field hospital to assist Palestinians injured by the Israeli military campaign.

Philippines’ grounding warship illegal, escalating tensions unacceptable: Chinese FM

June 4, 2024

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Mao Ning, has claimed that the Philippines has acted unlawfully by grounding a warship at Ren’ai Jiao. Chinese officials have accused Philippine military officials of pointing guns at CCG boats that approached the ship while the Philippines’ denies these claims. The CCG also says they seized airdropped supplies lawfully while the Philippines’ believes this was a ploy to shift public opinion.   

South Korea suspends pact, resumes border military activities

June 4, 2024

South Korea has suspended the Inter-Korean Military Agreement, reached in 2018, due to North Korea's recent delivery of balloons carrying trash over the border to South Korea. The decision to suspend the agreement was approved by President Yoon Suk Yeol. The pact was initially halted to resume surveillance activities near the border after North Korea sent a spy satellite to space. The full suspension will allow normal military activities around the border.

Geopolitics and Economic news of China

This section presents a selection of open access articles licensed under creative commons revolving around China trade. Security in Context is resharing them to offer readers fresh content and deeper perspectives on global news.

Where is China’s economy headed?

June 27, 2024

China's economic growth is projected to reach 5% in 2024, driven by a large market and new industries. However, growth is expected to slow to 3.3% by 2029. To maintain steady growth, China must expand in new industries like artificial intelligence, digital financial services, and green technologies. The clean energy sector accounted for 40% of 2023's economic expansion.

China, Arab military officers hold seminars on ‘deeper’ cooperation

June 27, 2024

Senior military officers from Arab nations are holding seminars on "deeper" security cooperation with Beijing, focusing on specific pathways to achieve this. The two-week course, "Future-oriented China-Arab Security Cooperation," began on 18 June and includes seminars on China's foreign policy, China-Arab relations in the new era, security cooperation, and China's Global Security Initiative. The seminar coincides with a visit by Saudi Defence Minister Prince Khalid Bin Salman to China.

China’s crackdown on ‘wealth-flaunting’ social media puts pressure on influencers − both on the mainland and in Taiwan − to echo the party line

June 24, 2024

Chinese regulators are launching a two-month "spring clean" on social media, targeting influencers and celebrities perceived to be wealthy or showcasing a luxurious lifestyle, aiming to protect public morality and mitigate economic deprivation.

Impact of extreme high temperatures on pollution emissions of enterprise: Evidence from China

June 18, 2024 

The study reveals that extreme high temperatures reduce corporate pollution emissions by 4.6%, and suggests that businesses should improve energy efficiency, adopt innovative production processes, and strengthen government environmental supervision.

China’s 2035 targets can be a climate breakthrough

June 13, 2024

China is set to submit its 2035 climate targets to the UN, aiming to peak emissions before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. To achieve 1.5C, emissions should be reduced by at least 30% by 2035. China's power sector is aiming to triple renewable-energy capacity from 2022 to 2030. Closing coal mines could reduce methane emissions by 40% by 2035.

The Digital Economy and Agricultural Modernization in China: Measurement, Mechanisms, and Implications

June 9, 2024 

The study reveals that while China's digital economy and agricultural modernization are underdeveloped, they are on a positive upward trajectory. The digital economy is outpacing agricultural modernization, but the gap is narrowing. The coupling coordination between the two is upward, but regional heterogeneity and spatial agglomeration hinder progress. The main obstacle to digital economy progression is digital infrastructure, while agricultural production capacity is the main obstacle. To promote a digitized China, strategies should be explored for differentiated areas and rural revitalization.

What’s behind China’s shift to environmental diplomacy?

June 7, 2024

China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has significantly boosted global growth by investing in infrastructure across 150 countries. However, it is also utilizing its soft power to tackle environmental issues like desertification and climate change through large-scale ecological projects and global environmental diplomacy.

Russia, China wrangle with US over UN resolution on Gaza ceasefire plan

June 7, 2024  

Russia and China, holding veto powers in the UN Security Council, have raised concerns over a US draft resolution supporting a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. Algeria, the council's only Arab member, is not ready to back the text. Russia proposed amendments, calling for an immediate, unconditional, and permanent ceasefire.

China turns to private hackers as it cracks down on online activists on Tiananmen Square anniversary

June 7, 2024 

The Chinese government is increasing cyber activity due to tightening online censorship and a document leak exposing the activities of Chinese tech firm i-Soon. The leak reveals an underground network of Chinese cyber contractors hacking for profit, including i-Soon, which sold services and products to Chinese government entities and state-sponsored threat groups. The leak points to corruption in China's growing network of commercial hacking. Beijing has developed a pipeline to train its cyber workforce and is generally banned from international hacking competitions. Companies like i-Soon face political and financial challenges in a weak economy.

China’s Role in Modernization and Stabilization of the Contemporary Post-Cold War Order

June, 2024 

The paper examines post-Cold War world order changes and the evolving multipower global order, contrasting China's emancipation and USA's protectionist approach. It suggests rebalancing tensions for strategic stability and the global economy.

Israel and Palestine

Submissions made by Rama Hayek and Diego Winger

Released head of Gaza's Al-Shifa Hospital says tried 3 times by Israel, with no charges

July 1, 2024

In a press conference held at the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Yunis, southern Gaza, just hours after his release, Abu Salmiya said: “Prisoners in Israeli jails endure different types of torture. The army treats them as if they were inanimate objects, and Israeli doctors physically assaulted us.”

“No international organisation visited us in Israeli prisons, and we were prohibited from meeting any lawyers. Many detainees are still left behind in very poor health and psychological conditions,” Abu Salmiya continued.

US and Europe warn Lebanon's Hezbollah to ease strikes on Israel and back off from wider Mideast war

June 29, 2024

The Americans and Europeans are warning the group it should not count on the United States or anyone else being able to hold off Israeli leaders if they decide to execute battle ready plans for an offensive into Lebanon. And Hezbollah should not count on its fighters' ability to handle whatever would come next.

Israeli forces raid Nur Sham refugee camp in Tulkarm

July 1, 2024

Clashes erupted following the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) incursion into the West Bank, in the the city of Tulkarm and its refugee camp, as well as the Nur Shams camp, early Monday. The IOF stormed Tulkarm city with more than 25 military vehicles and four bulldozers, spreading through its streets connecting it to the outskirts of Tulkarm camp, while destroying infrastructure and digging up roads. The IOF positioned their vehicles in the Jabal al-Nasr neighborhood and the Al-Maslakh alley in the camp, and they excavated the main street opposite the camp entrance and the vicinity of the Nasr Mosque - Clashes erupted in the camp's vicinity amid the sounds of intense explosions.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad fires rockets into Israel, tanks advance in Gaza

July 1, 2024

Israeli tanks deepened incursions into the Shujaiya suburb of eastern Gaza City for a fifth day, and tanks advanced further in western and central Rafah, in southern Gaza near the border with Egypt, residents said. The Israeli military said it had killed a number of fighters in combat in Shujaiya on Monday and found large amounts of weapons there.

Israel occupation army needs 10,000 soldiers ‘immediately’

July 1, 2024

The Israeli occupation army needs 10,000 more soldiers immediately amid the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip, Defence Minister Yoav Gallant said on Monday. Gallant made his comment during a session of the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defence Committee.

Israel's systematic sexual abuse and torture of Palestinians detailed in new reports

June 12, 2024

A UN International Independent Commission of Inquiry report has revealed that cases of sexual as well as gender-based abuse by IDF personnel against Palestinian detainees were severe enough to likely be part of their “operating procedures.” Additionally another investigation led by the New York Times included testimonies that detainees were allegedly tortured with beatings with batons and anything else capable of breaking bones, music so loud it made ears bleed, and sexual assault using metallic rods. Israeli officers working at one of the detention centers stated that a few dozen of the detainees had died in their care. 

UN Security Council endorses US-sponsored Gaza ceasefire resolution

June 10, 2024

In a move that reportedly took Israeli officials by surprise, the United States was among the 14 of the 15 UN Security Council members who voted in favor of a ceasefire measure headed by President Biden (with Russia abstaining). While as per usual the US states that it has the backing of Israel, Biden’s proposed three-phase ceasefire with a long-term goal of establishing a unified democratic Palestinian state coexisting with Israel has attracted some controversy from its usual ally. It strays especially far from the more extremist Israeli officials who have stated that the IDF will only end its Gazan assault with the official destruction of Hamas, which has welcomed the passing of the ceasefire resolution and hopes to engage in mediated negotiations. 

‘Israeli-American’ operation to liberate 4 Israeli hostages brings about 210 civilian casualties in Gaza

June 8, 2024

After conducting an assault within a refugee camp in Nuseirat, the IDF claimed to have rescued 4 Israeli hostages and killed almost 20 Hamas insurgents, though Gazan authorities stated that among those militants Israel claimed to have killed, multiple are still alive and one of them hasn’t lived in Palestine in years. The attack resulted in the killing of over 200 Palestinians in the camp and twice as many wounded. Highly controversially, those insurgents the IDF claimed to have killed were residing in a schoolhouse also housing many displaced civilians, and it belonged to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (handily abbreviated as UNRWA).

Israeli “precision strike” with US-made weaponry kills 40 Gazans, US assumes good intentions – Day 244

June 8, 2024

In its assault on a UNRWA school occupied by displaced Palestinian civilians, the IDF claimed to have specifically targeted upwards of 30 insurgents. Hamas representatives denied the claim of it being such a targeted airstrike, and stated that among the 40 people killed, multiple were women and children. The schoolhouse was housing roughly 6000 civilians and according to UNRWA head Philippe Lazzarini there was no “prior warning to the displaced or UNRWA” before the bombing. 

Gaza ceasefire plan turns into deadly game of survival

June 4, 2024

Despite suffering major losses, Hamas still presents a stubborn threat to Israeli security concerns and is unlikely to be defeated in a military context in the near future. Netanyahu stands precariously between Hamas aiming to ensure permanent ceasefire prior to hostage exchanges, and the more extremist Israeli political base that wants to see unceasing war until Hamas is exterminated. Thus, crafting any kind of ceasefire deal has proven to be incredibly difficult, with a Biden-approved plan involving a multi-phase long-term resolution. 

Key Issues

Submissions made by Oshin Pandey

This section includes the latest and most pressing news regarding SiC’s key security issues.

Iran Deeply Divided as Voters Go to Polls 

June 27, 2024

His presidency signaled Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei's resolve to end competitive elections' unpredictability: all moderates and reformists, formerly considered "opposition," were excluded. Raisi was intended to be a key figure in Khamenei's succession. But a helicopter crash on May 19, 2024, killed him. The unelected Guardian Council, headed by Khamenei and entrusted with vetting candidates, authorized a ‘reform’ candidate, Masoud Pezeshkian, to compete in snap elections.

Moscow preparing for likely visit by Modi, says Putin aide

June 26, 2024

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to visit Moscow in the upcoming weeks to hold bilateral talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin under the much-delayed annual summit mechanism that has been in place since 2000 but suspended for the past few years. This could be Modi's first trip to Moscow since the start of the war in Ukraine.

Kenya on boil as anti-tax protesters killed in police fire: All to know

June 25, 2024

Protests over contentious tax measures turned violent, with Kenyan police using live ammunition at hundreds of demonstrators trying to break into Parliament House in Nairobi, resulting in several fatalities and injuries.

Philippines won’t be ‘intimidated’ but won’t start war amid row with China

June 23, 2024

Following a violent altercation between the Philippine Navy and the China Coast Guard in the South China Sea, Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. said that his nation "will not be intimidated" by anybody, but that it is not in the business of starting wars.

Takeaways From the Kim-Putin Summit

June 21, 2024

Vladimir Putin of Russia and Kim Jong Un of North Korea grinned broadly on June 19, 2024, during Putin's quick official visit to Pyongyang. The presidents of Russia and the United States signed a treaty that elevated their connection to a "comprehensive strategic partnership," the highest level of bilateral cooperation, amid much ceremony and spectacle. Kim also received a costly gift of a second luxury automobile.

‘Like slaves’: Myanmar workers trafficked to Laos scam hub

June 19, 2024

An rising number of desperate migrant laborers are making their way to Laos' Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone, whose shadowy underworld appears to be connected to the most potent ethnic armed organization in Myanmar. Posters in Thai, Chinese, and English alert travelers to the risks of human trafficking as they pass through immigration from Thailand's Chiang Saen district to Laos's Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone.

UN warns of the risk of increased ethnic violence in Sudan

June 19, 2024

The world is running out of time to prevent a significant loss of life, according to the United Nations, as conflict between the army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces in Sudan continues.

BRICS countries hold dialogue with other developing countries, envision further expansion

June 12, 2024

In Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, the foreign ministers met with representatives from twelve other developing nations, including Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Thailand, and Venezuela, a day after their meeting as BRICS foreign ministers. During the discussion, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi stated that more partners with similar views will be added to the BRICS group.

World Bank to give $700 million to displaced Rohingya and host communities in Bangladesh

June 1, 2024

In order to improve social and catastrophe resilience for the displaced Rohingya people in Bangladesh as well as the host communities, the World Bank's Board of Executive Directors authorized two projects totaling $700 million. This is one of the world's worst forced displacement crises, with almost a million Rohingya having fled from violence in Myanmar to Bangladesh since 2017.

China and Japan agree to restart ruling party talks after six-year hiatus

May 29, 2024

For the first time in six years, China and Japan's leading parties will start regular discussions, according to coalition government officials. Japan's concerns about China's maritime activity in the East and South China Seas and China's objections about Japan's transfer of treated water from the wrecked Fukushima nuclear facility into the ocean have strained relations between Asia's top two economies.

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