On December 3rd, the North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA), the Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO), the Arab Council for Social Sciences (ACSS), the Latin East Initiative and Security in Context held a joint closed workshop to discuss avenues for future collaboration between scholars, researchers and activists from Latin America and the Middle East and North Africa. Participants presented various regional comparative research in the areas of politics, security, and literature, amongst others, resulting in ideas and plans for ongoing collaboration, leading to a conference hosted by CLACSO in 2021. Watch this space for upcoming developments!

The Latin American Council for the Social Sciences (CLACSO) and the Arab Council for Social Sciences (ACSS) are announcing a call for applications for a two-day academic conference on Latin American-Middle East connections to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on May 7th and 8th, 2020. Simultaneous translation between English and Spanish will be available at the conference.


Abstract submission:
Submissions are welcome in Spanish, Arabic and English.

Please submit a 400-word abstract of the paper along with your name, contact information and a brief biography by March 20, 2020:

For queries and submissions in English and Arabic, please send to Jana Chammaa, Senior Program Officer at ACSS: chammaa@theacss.org

For queries and submissions in Spanish, please send to: clacso-acss@clacso.edu.ar 

Full papers should be in the range of 3000-4500 words and a draft should be ready by the conference.

Conference theme:

We welcome papers that address all aspects of Latin American-Middle East connections, however we will prioritize papers that address the main conference theme below.

“The turn to the right wing, intervention and insecurity”

The last years have witnessed a surge of anti-democratic or counterrevolutionary waves in both regions in the form of violence by state or non-state actors, full or ‘soft’ coups as well as the rise of right-wing movements. At the same time, both regions have a history of external interventions in the name of ‘security’ be it fighting terrorism or left-wing movements that have themselves produce insecurity to the people of both regions. We invite contributions that examine the question of interventions and the production of insecurity in light of the counterrevolutionary movements of the last decade. Contributions can be in the form of contemporary or historical comparative case studies or conceptual/theoretical pieces on different forms of interventions (political, economic, security/military) as well as those that examine different layers of securitization and insecurity.


This conference is organized and sponsored by CLACSO and the ACSS. The conference is also co-organized by the Latin East initiative and the Security in Context project. Conference organizers will cover 2 coffee breaks and lunches. All other costs are the responsibility of the participants. Advice on logistics can be provided upon request.


Important dates:

·     Abstract submission: March 20,2020

·     Decisions on Submissions/Presenters informed: April 9, 2020

·     Full Paper submission: May 7, 2020

·     Conference on Latin American-Middle East Connections: May 7-8, 2020


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Dec 17, 2020
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