Vieira is the author of two monographs, American by Paper (U. ofMinnesota, 2016) and Writing for Love and Money (Oxford, 2019), and is coeditor with Jhoana Patiño Lopez of Paz: Escribiendo un Corazón Común, a community-authored book and board game about writing for peace in Colombia. A former Fulbright and National Academy ofEducation/Spencer fellowship recipient, she teaches across English, education, second language acquisition, and Chicanx/Latinx Studies.

This talk, based primarily on Fulbright-funded ethnographic work inColombia in 2018-19, describes peace-building practices of Colombian community members — artists, writers, and educators — providing insights on how we can teach writing not only to "stop killing each other," as U.S. composition and education scholars have long called for, but also to (re)build the kinds of equitable social relationships that can result in lasting peace.

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Feb 15, 2022
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