This is a roundup of news articles, reports, and other materials focusing on (in)security issues and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of Security in Context. The goal is to shed light on knowledge production on security-related issues of public interest from critical perspectives and from global south readings by highlighting media from four particular regions: Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, and developing Asia. Entries may include academic journal articles, think tank reports, non-governmental organizations releases, official documents or government-commissioned research, and regular news items. The material included covers SiC's key security issues: Climate Change, Security and International Relations, Migration and Displacement, Covid-19 and Capitalism, Technologies of Surveillance, Gender, Race, Ethnicity and Sexuality, Arms and the Military-industrial Complex, and Censorship. 

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Latin America and the Caribbean

PERU: PM summoned before congress 

August 19, 2022 

Anibal Torres, Peru’s Prime Minister, was summoned before congress to explain remarks which his opposition considered to merit an insurrection against the government’s opponents. 

Jamaica ranks second in world human flight and brain drain index 

August 18, 2022 

Jamaica places second on the human flight and brain drain index because of a mass exodus of Jamaican experts looking for work overseas. 

COLOMBIA: Petro moves to unpick Duque’s legacy on Venezuela and ELN 

August 18, 2022 

Wasting no time after taking office as Colombia’s first left-wing President, Gustavo Petro has turned his attention to change former president Ivan Duque’s legacy with el Ejercito de Liberacion Nacional (ELN) guerilla group and relations with Nicolas Maduro’s government in Venezuela.

Caribbean Leaders Urged To Push For Climate Financing At COP27 

August 17, 2022 

The Bahamas Prime Minister called on his fellow Caribbean leaders to make developed countries honor past pledges for climate assistance during their most recent meeting of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). 

Brazil bank chief: Credit cards will cease due to open finance system 

August 16, 2022 

Roberto Campos Neto, Brazil’s central bank chief, stated that he believes credit cards will cease to exist due to the growth of the open finance system. 


U.N.'s Congo peacekeeping mission pulls out of major eastern city

August 18, 2022

The United Nations peacekeeping mission in Democratic Republic of Congo has pulled out of a large city after violent protests due to accusations that the UN was unable to protect citizens from violence in the country.

After a Bitter Contest, Kenyan Opposition Leader Rejects Election Result

August 17, 2022

Following the Kenyan Presidential election, position leader Raila Odinga has contested the recent Presidential election in Kenya that saw a win from William Ruto. Odinga believes Ruto’s win is a disregard of the constitution and may seek a decision in Kenya’s Supreme Court.

Egypt affirms solidarity with Sudan in the face of flooding crisis

August 16, 2022

Egypt has expressed solidarity with Sudan following deadly floods in Sudan that have killed 52 people.

Last French troops leave Mali, ending nine-year deployment

August 16, 2022

The last French troops have left Mali ending a nine-year operation in the country. However, the relationship between France and Mali is still frayed.

Middle East

Iran calls for release of haj pilgrim detained in Saudi Arabia

August 18, 2022

The Iranian government has demanded the release of an Iranian arrested in Saudi Arabia during the Hajj pilgrimage last month.

Israel and Turkey to Restore Full Diplomatic Ties

August 17, 2022

After four years of rocky relations, Israel and Turkey have declared that they are restoring full diplomatic ties, with plans to exchange ambassadors again relatively soon.

Israel admits to Gaza raid that killed children: Report

August 16, 2022

Israel defense officials have confirmed the country perpetrated an attack on a Gaza cemetery, resulting in the deaths of 5 children, contradicting former statements regarding “an off-course Islamic Jihad rocket.”

Turkey-Greece migrants: 38 people found stranded on tiny, unnamed island

August 16, 2022

22 men, 9 women, and 7 children were found stranded on the Evros river inlet, where they have been since mid-July. They were taken to mainland Greece soon after being discovered.

Developing Asia

'Kangaroo Court' hacker gets 18-month jail sentence

August 19, 2022

Hacker Wachira Suphasatien has been sentenced to 18 months in jail after violating the Computer-Related Crime Act by changing the name of the Constitutional Court to the “Kangaroo Court” on their official website.

Taiwan says China continues its military activities nearby

August 18, 2022

Taiwan’s defense ministry has reported over 50 Chinese aircraft and 6 ships operating near their borders, a sign that Beijing is continuing their military activities surrounding Taiwan.

North Korea Launches Two Missiles in First Test Since June

August 17, 2022

Two cruise missiles were fired off on the western side of North Korea, the first missile test the country has performed since June. This comes after South Korea offered economic incentives for North Korea to take steps in parsing down its nuclear weaponry.

Chinese survey ship docks in Sri Lanka after diplomatic standoff

August 16, 2022

A Chinese research ship has docked in Sri Lanka after a delay reportedly caused by concerns from India and US surrounding the presence of Chinese companies in Sri Lanka.

Key Issues 

This section includes the latest and most pressing news regarding SiC's key security issues.

Rushdie’s attacker denies any link with IRGC, says he acted alone

August 19, 2022

In an interview, Salman Rushdie’s attacker claimed that he acted alone. However, although he denied any collaboration with the Islamic Revolution Gaurds Corps (IRGC), he did voice his praise for Iran’s Imam Khomeini, who declared a Fatwa on Rushdie in 1989 for his work ‘Satanic Verses.’

Ukraine, Russia Trade Blame On Shelling At Nuclear Power Plant As Fighting Rages In Donetsk

August 18, 2022

Both Russia and Ukraine blame the other for recent potentially catastrophic bombing near the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant. While Zelensky urges the international community to act against Russia, Russian officials say that Ukrainian artillery strikes are to blame for the damage of the power plant. 

As Afghan People Boil Grass to Eat, U.S. Refuses to Release $7 Billion of Frozen Afghan Assets

August 17, 2022

The U.S. withholds $7 Billion dollars in assets from Afghanistan even as 95% of Afghanis are food insecure. The freezing of Afghani funds occurred after the Taliban seized control of the country. 

Saudi woman given 34-year prison sentence for using Twitter

August 16, 2022

Salma al-Shehab, mother of two, has been sentenced to 34 years in prison by the Saudi court after using twitter and retweeting activists and dissidents. Crown prince Mohammed bin Salman has gone after twitter users in the past while owning a significant stake in the social media company. 

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Aug 19, 2022
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