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Joshua Landis is Sandra Mackey Chair and Director of the Center for Middle East Studies and the Farzaneh Family Center for Iranian and Persian Gulf Studies at the University of Oklahoma in the Boren College of International Studies. He writes and manages, a daily newsletter on Syrian politics and publishes frequently in policy journals such as Foreign Affairs, Middle East Policy and Foreign Policy. His book, "Syria at Independence: Nationalism, Leadership, and Failure of Republicanism," will be published by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies this coming year. He is a frequent analyst on TV, radio, and in print and is a regular on NPR and the BBC and has received three Fulbright grants to support his research in Syria.

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Increased US Intervention and Global Insecurity

Joshua Landis presents his study on US intervention's relationship with global insecurity, in the session on "Insecurity in MENA" within the inaugural Security in Context conference titled Landscapes of Insecurity that was held September 16th & 17th at the University of Oklahoma Norman in collaboration with the Center for Peace and Development.