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Latin America and the Caribbean

AMLO down with Covid-19 again

April 24, 2023

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador announces he has for the 3rd time tested positive for Covid-19 and will be returning to the Mexican capital to remain in isolation.

Jamaica’s health ministry reports increase in respiratory illnesses

April 24, 2023

The Jamaican ministry of health reports that there is an increase of respiratory illnesses such as COVID-19, influenza B, influenza A, and respiratory syncytial virus in the country. 

‘Vicious circle’: Femicides in Peru reveal ‘crisis’ of violence

April 24, 2023

Following a string of high-profile murders, attention is once again on the alarming rates of gender-based violence in Peru.

Bahamas PM calls for “all hands on deck” to deal with crime in Caricom region

April 17, 2023

After a two-day symposium on violence as a public health issue, the Bahamas prime minister Phillip Davis declared a call to action for leaders of the Caricom region to commit themselves to fighting crime in all its forms.

Arrest of former Ecuadorian President Lenín Moreno requested

April 20, 2023

After failing to appear before the courts as mandated in the Sinohydro corruption case, Ecuadorian prosecutors are requesting the pre-trial arrest of former President Lenin Moreno.


More African countries set to approve malaria shot; 20 million doses ready in 2023

April 21, 2023

Countries across Africa are gearing up to approve of a new malaria vaccine, Nigeria and Ghana leading the fight, which will see 20 million doses available this year.

South Africa evicts asylum seekers camped outside UN office

April 21, 2023

South African police have been sent to evict asylum seekers that have been camping outside the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, seeking relocation to other countries due to xenophobic violence that began in 2019.

Sudan: Clashes shatter Eid festivities

April 21, 2023

Daily fighting in Sudan since April 15 left 413 people dead and 3,551 injured by Friday, with the most recent bout of air strikes in central Khartoum, disrupting Eid festivities, destroying buildings and killing people.

Outskirts of Luena receive earthworks

April 19, 2023

In Angola, 30 kilometers of road on the outskirts of the city of Luena are being leveled by the Infrastructure and Technical Services to improve traffic and accessibility around the city.

Ghana’s fishing industry has a ‘golden seaweed’ problem - how citizen science can help

April 16, 2023

Pelagic sargassum, which is a form of seaweed that spends its life floating in the ocean, has been washing up en masse off the coast of Ghana since 2009, increasing in density yearly and proving an issue for the country’s fishing industry. Forecasting and monitoring are important to ensure there is no further disruption.

News: Heavy fighting near Debre Birhan as violence continues to rock Amhara region, more cities impose restrictions

April 11, 2023

Several cities within the Amhara region of Ethiopia have seen deadly, violent protests break out following an announcement from the Ethiopian government that the regional special forces would be reorganized into normal police as well as the national army.

Middle East

Israel detains Jordan MP for alleged gun smuggling

April 24, 2023

A Jordanian lawmaker has been detained by Israel for attempting to smuggle weapons into the West Bank. This will likely worsen the already fragile relationship between Jordan and Israel. 

Eid without ceasefire in Sudan, as RSF withdraws from footholds in Khartoum

April 21, 2023

There has been a major internal conflict in Sudan between current Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF), a paramilitary group largely consisting of militants from the former Sudanese government. Recently, the RSF has been pushed out from several strongholds. 

Sudan: UN agencies voice concern over impact of fighting on civilians

April 20, 2023

The World Health Organization has expressed its concern for the humanitarian crisis resulting from the internal conflict in Sudan. In six days of firefights, an estimated 330 have been killed and several thousand have been injured. 

Iran, Russia discuss organization of 4-party meeting on Syria

April 19, 2023

Iran’s ambassador to Russia has suggested that representatives from Syria, Turkey, Iran, and Russia meet to discuss improving security and stability in the region. 

Scoop: Egypt gives Hemedti’s forces 72-hour ultimatum to return all Egyptian troops from Sudan or “else”

April 19, 2023

The Rapid Support Forces (RSF) in Sudan have captured many Egyptian soldiers and the Egyptian government has warned Mohamed Hamdan Dagolo, the leader of the RSF, that if the soldiers are not released, significant consequences will follow.

Developing Asia

Anti-Terrorism Bill could curtail democracy in Sri Lanka

April 20, 2023

The Sri Lankan Supreme Court has upheld the constitutionality of the Anti-Terrorism Bill in the name of national security, despite the fact that many provisions of the bill could be used to curtail fundamental constitutional rights.

Indian Supreme Court hears case regarding same-sex marriages

April 20, 2023

Homosexuality was decriminalized in India in 2018, but there is still no legal recognition of same-sex marriages. However, an ongoing court case, which seeks to decide whether the Special Marriage Act of 1954 (SMA) would permit the recognition of same-sex marriages, could change that. 

Wildlife Conservation Society collaborates with Lao government to protect wetlands

April 19, 2023

The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), in collaboration with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, have announced a plan to strengthen protection of the Xe Champhone wetlands of Laos. This protected area is considered a “Wetland of International Importance” under the Ramsar Convention. 

EU'S new plan to support Myanmar's garment industry faces backlash

April 13, 2023

The EU has announced a new program which will fund clothing production in Myanmar. The plan, called the Multi-Stakeholder Alliance for Decent Employment in the Myanmar apparel industry, or “MADE in Myanmar”, has faced criticism from labor rights activists in Myanmar who say that it will legitimize the military regime without benefiting workers.

Chiang Mai residents sue PM for failing to tackle smog

April 10, 2023

1700 residents of Chiang Mai have filed a lawsuit against the Thai government for failing to tackle smog in the city. 

Laos has made incredible progress on health in recent decades

April 7, 2023

This article reflects on the tremendous improvements in health outcomes in Laos over the past few decades. Key accomplishments include a 200-fold reduction in malaria cases since 1997, a fourfold reduction in maternal mortality rate since 2000, a fivefold reduction in infant mortality since 1978, and a robust response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Key Issues

This section includes the latest and most pressing news regarding SiC's key security issues.

‘A Quick Death or a Slow Death’: Prisoners Choose War to Get Lifesaving Drugs

April 21, 2023

With an estimated 20 percent of prisoners recruited by Russia for the War in the Ukraine having HIV (according to statistics from captured soldiers reported by the Ukraine), some believe fighting in the war is better than a slow death in prison.

S. Korea urges 'extraordinary responsibility' from UNSC over N. Korea's nuclear provocations

April 18, 2023

South Korea’s envoy to the United Nations has called upon the UN Security Council to take measures surrounding increasing nuclear incitement by North Korea.

Son of Iran’s shah Pahlavi arrives in Israel on controversial visit

April 17, 2023

Reza Pahlavi, whose father was the Shah of Iran from 1941-1979, met with Benjamin Netanyahu. Pahlavi, looking to capitalize on the turbulent political moment in Iran, stated that he would like to make peace with Israel and work with the country in the future. 

ASEAN criticizes Myanmar for human rights violations

April 14, 2023

The recent airstrike in the Myanmar village of Pazigyi, which resulted in more than 100 deaths, has invited harsh criticism from ASEAN.

ICC continues to investigate Duterte's war on drugs, despite objections from the Philippine government

April 12, 2023

The ICC has rejected the Philippine government’s appeal to stop investigating the alleged crimes against humanity committed by Duterte in the course of his war on drugs. The government had argued that since the Philippines is no longer a party to the Rome Statute, the ICC doesn’t have the authority to investigate crimes against humanity committed in the country.

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Apr 25, 2023
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