The Institute for Advanced Study in the Global South at Northwestern University in Qatar (#IAS_NUQ) and Security in Context (SIC) Present:

The Global South in an Era of Great Power Competition

November 18 – 19, 2023, Doha, Qatar Northwestern University Campus

Funded by Carnegie Corporation of New York, this conference will examine the contours of the emerging world order in relationship to the politics of security and insecurity, militarism, and geopolitics. How does Great Power Competition produce insecurity in the Global South? How can we understand the interplay between the agenda of the Big Powers and the agency of middle, rising, and smaller South countries? What do the geopolitics and political economy of multi-polarity look like when viewed from different locations? How are questions of security and insecurity represented differently by Northern and Southern media actors? Who speaks on behalf of vulnerable populations, countries, and regions in the Global South? If multinational institutions are increasingly ineffective or being challenged, how will global governance be managed?

This event will be updated with more information soon.

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Oct 24, 2023
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